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They’d be lumped into the same screen-size–dependent groups, but they are two totally different device classes, so how do we determine what goes together?That’s a simple example, but it points to a larger issue.I got some raised eyebrows at work recently when I declined an invitation to watch a World Cup game in a conference room. If I watch the World Cup game with a bunch of people at work today, guess what I have to do tonight? I do what I do for them—for the people in my life, the people I know, and the people I don’t.I have to work to catch up, instead of spending time with my family. If we never spend time away from our work, how can we understand the world and the people we make things for?We so desperately want to draw lines between things, but there are often too many variables to make those lines clean.Why, then, do we draw such strict lines between our roles on projects? The old thinking of defined roles is certainly loosening up, but we still have a long way to go.Comments are welcome […][mehr] (Quelle: W3C News) The EXI Working Group published the Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Profile for limiting usage of dynamic memory as W3C Recommendation.EXI 1.0 is a very efficient format to represent an XML Information Set.

This specification defines an API that provides access to the vibration mechanism of the hosting device. CSS is a language for describing the rendering of structured documents (such as HTML and XML) on screen, on paper, in speech, etc.

What does the area of overlap between a designer and front-end developer look like? The chasm between roles that is most concerning is the one between web designers/developers and native application designers/developers.

We often choose a camp early on and stick to it, which is a mindset that may have been fueled by the false “native vs. It was positioned as an either-or decision, and hybrid approaches were looked down upon.

As this column evolves, I think this is what I’ll be talking about a lot. How to think of what we do not as the tech business but the people business.

How to give ourselves permission to experience the world around us and get inspiration for our work from that.

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    So, here’s a fear 101 lesson: When we are subjected to an experience that causes positive or negative stress, our brains automatically release a dose of stress hormones into the body.