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Its purpose is to analyse the ionosphere ...‎"Over the last two decades, massive tracts of virgin tropical forests have come under exploitation, in all three under-developed regions. The French government recommended on Friday that tens of thousands of women in France seek removal of breast implants made of a suspect silicone gel by a firm that exported worldwide. In Saudi Arabia, Sharia court sentenced a woman accused of engaging in witchcraft to beheading by a sword.That exploitation, with a few honourable exceptions, has been reckless, wasteful, even devastating. There are some unpleasant details: before dying, the "witch", apparently, suffered as the beheading was performed gradually...

at tumagal ito hanggang sa pagbuwag nito noong 1991.And let due process, not trial by publicity, be applied to any evidence and charges of unlawful acts during the uprising.” Saludo may quarrel with the instinctive reaction of any independent journalist to read a chilling context into these lines—but how else should Philippine media react, when both practitioners and news organizations have been on the receiving end of the Arroyo administration’s blunt and increasingly short stick?Saludo’s statement is itself tagged or labeled in Malacañang’s own press release as “On police vs.After insinuating that the videotape in its possession would prove the reporter’s crime beyond a doubt, the police now say it only forms part of the evidence, and the case remains a work in progress. Cynically exploiting the natural inclination of journalists to run after the big story, the police manipulated the reporter-helps-fugitive angle in an obvious attempt to turn public opinion against the media.Now that the police have turned the public spotlight on media again, should journalists simply wait for the courts to decide that the police had done them grievous wrong?

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