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In , your potential suitors are all handsome anime boys that happen to be Japanese spirits.Before I even opened it, I could tell that Miyabi, the fox spirit, would have functionally the same personality as Leon.Leon has a specific illustration for when he's being smug at you, and as a person who has awful taste in men this deeply appealed to me.Unlike in real life, over the course of the story you change his whole outlook on life.

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It's easy for me to resist the makeup and clothes, as I'm trying to downsize on both right now, but in a moment of weakness, I downloaded one of the visual novels last night. They are also gods who live in the stars who are mostly amused by the nameless protagonist's awe over them.When I saw that, I assumed that I'd probably delete by the end of the night. Usually these kinds of games rely on building tension without anything happening, and I thought would be the same. In his first, free chapter, Leon takes you to his mansion, undresses you, shoves you to your knees and tells you to beg for him.All of these star gods have special powers, and his is the power to grant humans "pleasure." Basically, he can make you come by touching you.He too is a little cold, very possessive, a bit dismissive and by the end of the game I know I'll find that, beneath it all, he has a tender heart. It's got some weird sexual politics, it's corny as hell, it crashed on me a couple times and the writing has a bunch of typographical errors.Today, I'm planning on buying the sequel to Leon's story, as well as its epilogue.

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