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Her preference of dog personalities are those that don't bark at her on initial introduction. What a joyful, loving, sweet, funny, personality, ready to become part of a family. Gracie does well with canine companions that share her same temperament. His new adopter will need to carry it forward on so that Mac can continue to gain exposure and positive experiences! Mac's ideal environment will have lots of space to run and play as well as a human that will help slowly expose him to new things. An off schedule or an over active lifestyle suits her best. Milo loves his peeps and truly wants to be your right hand guy. Pippi is currently in several play groups here at the center and though she loves to be social and play with other dogs, interactions with other dogs need to be structured. At only 5 lbs, he's a tough and resilient little dude! She is soaking it all in and learning very quickly. We are looking to place Rizzo in a home with a dog savvy owner that is active and looking for a co-pilot and partner in crime to include in daily exercising and activities. She will absolutely thrive with a human that can provide love and patience while providing calm leadership and structure. He loves to get out for walks and is already well adapted to being a tripod. He is really loving his time with other dogs and through observation and experience, he is learning different play styles and personalities of dogs. Unfortunately, due to limited space and resources we do not have any additional openings for sanctuary dogs at this time. She was a long time shelter dog at another facility and being a black pittie, she was having a hard time getting noticed.

He'll lean in for affection and melt your heart right along with it. She's a ton of fun when she's working with you, as a team. Emma has met lots of doggie friends here at the center. Meanwhile, he'll continue working on "dog stuff" until his forever match is found. A calm yet active person that will include her in activities would be an ideal match for this girl. We invite you down to meet his trainers and learn how we've exposed him to life! Family life is a great life, but she'd rather not be home alone all day, everyday while everyone else is at school and work. Happy, affectionate and pretty perfect in the house! In the home, he is house-trained, easy going, calm, and loving. She is however, an energetic little gal and her ideal environment will offer lots of space to run and play as well as an active owner that loves to hike/walk/explore. He may be tiny, but he's got big heart and personality. During his stay here at the center, we took care of some medical needs and he underwent a major surgery. She is short and solid, energetic and eager, smart and loving. Here at the center, Rizzo is learning her manners, basic commands, socializing with all types of personalities, and gaining exposure to new people and life experiences. She creates a party wherever she goes and trust us when we say, you won't want to miss it! He can run, play, jump, dash and do all the things all the other dogs do. Zephyr has also asked us to help him find someone who is active and will get him out of the house, out of the backyard, and into life - at his pace of course! All of our sanctuary dogs have a home with us for life and we are committed to making CRCS the best possible 'home away from a real home' that we can for these deserving dogs.

She wants to be able to focus on you, relax and do whatever task you have asked her to do. Baloo is currently taking part in our training program at CRCS and will be working hard on honing all his basic doggy skills and good behavior through our program. Banjo has been bounced around a bit through no fault of his own. To put it simple, Beckett operates on a mutual respect system with his people. Speak his language and you'll have a loyal partner to the end. Beckett's ideal person is confident, intuitive and quiet. But, he'll also be the first to stop on the walk and wait for his sister or he'll allow her to get comfy on the bed before he finds his spot. Of course he does, everyday is amazing in his eyes! Now that he is an adult, Charlie isn't really into high energy dogs, overly playful dogs, small children... Scarlet became a member of the CRCS family a few years ago and is improving every month.

Arizona is seeking purpose and she's ready to find a human companion that wants to include her in the activities that they so enjoy. Due to breed, personality, and genetic make up, her ideal environment isn't right in the middle of busy, loud or chaotic activity. This sweet boy has been a little unsure about the big wide world, but he told us he's now ready get out and there and learn what it's all about! More than anything, he just wants to feel like he belongs somewhere. They have been together for 11 years and are on the lookout for a loving home, together. He'll be the first to get leashed up and the first to finish his food! He walks great on a leash, rides beautifully in the car and greets the groomer with a smile. The one thing he asks for is a home that shares his same energy. This boy is sweet, sweet, sweet and would absolutely love to steal your heart! Sprinter has shown us what a character he is and has demonstrated his fondness for all things mud and dirt!

She's learning and experiencing all the normal things a puppy should be learning. Dizzle's ideal environment will be able to provide daily mental stimulation in addition to physical exercise. DJ is looking for an adult-only home with a big yard, soft bed and lots of love. He is looking for an adult only home that is quiet, patient and loving. She is continuing to improve and has shown that with a proper introduction to anything new, she is able to overcome! Her outlook on life is simple - let's go check it out! Emma's ideal environment will be active yet patient and calm. Because he's cute and fluffy, we think he may have grown up being treated that way. He enjoys the company of many dogs here at the center. Gracie loves to just "be" with you and the time spent by your side is her very favorite part of the day. We will be looking to place him in a home that either has someone at home during the day or someone that has other dogs he can pal around with. This toy flinging, affectionate girl with the big beautiful smile is currently taking interviews! Which means, you (her adopter) will then be blessed with such luck! We love this dog and want nothing more than to see her find a family of her own. These two are in excellent shape and love to get out for walks as well as enjoy playgroups here at the center. She is not currently on any medications and does not need surgery. He takes some time to build trust with people, but once he does, he wraps his four paws around you like he'll forever be yours! Once Missy knows you, she is very loving, affectionate, silly, playful and is full of personality. Her ideal home is quiet, patient and calm yet keep her active. As her confidence increases, her little personality shines bright! We do know this little girl is one pretty awesome dog! Right now, we are introducing him to as many dogs as possible. Now, he is curious to interact with other dogs and has a healthy eagerness to learn about the big wide world around him. This will require several sessions with one of our trainers so you can learn what he's about. We ask that you take the time to bond with him prior to making the transition home so that all new introductions come from someone he already knows and trusts (you). Sahara has the ability to adapt to a variety of different homes and human personalities. He also LOVES to take car rides or he'll happily hang out with you and watch your favorite show. Her breed is naturally wary and/or aloof with strangers, however once she becomes more familiar, she is very playful, affectionate and loving with her people. She leaps and runs like a gazelle, so beautiful and agile. Her individual personality craves play, affection, and understanding and she will thrive with a calm, loving, human partner and leader. Once you experience a bond with this girl, you'll never be the same. Sorry, Willow is not a family dog or a dog for a room mate setting. Zeke is a very social guy around both people and dogs. Zephyr is ready to transition into the big wide world!

She's also socializing with other dogs, making new friends, and taking car rides to the park. She'd most likely prefer to have a canine companion to play with or a human that will keep her around other dogs daily/weekly. She's a bit of a ham with those she knows and loves. This big boy is affectionate, friendly, eager to please and still has plenty of spunk to accompany you on walks and hikes. Dusty is currently in training and our team would love to share more details about what he's working on and his needs moving forward. Since coming to CRCS, this little lady has met new friends, gained confidence, learned how to walk on a leash, taken rides to the park, discovered lizards, toys, water and more! He'd like to describe himself as mature, wise, and a dog that knows what he wants. She makes walks and car rides very easy and calming. Special needs or not, most dogs, especially working breeds, are not fulfilled by having a big back yard. We have noticed that he is much happier when he is near a live body. Layla would also like to point out that she walks wonderfully on a leash and is the most well behaved dog in the car that you'll ever see! Layla has spent a long time in the hustle and bustle of the shelter. As a way of saying thank you for adopting our sweet girl, we'd like you to know that she comes support (and STUFF! From sleepovers at CRCS while you are out of town to food, toys and training. She'll be the second one to be leashed up and the second one to finish her food. She walks great on a leash and rides beautifully in the car. Luna's ideal environment is one with companionship and lots of space so that her mind and body can feel the peace and quiet after years of chaos. Luna is asking for an adult only home due to mild arthritis in her back end. He has loosened up and is now ready to transition to his forever home. This (previously) round little lady has lost a lot of weight and also lost a lot of her past. she is ready to find a forever home that will provide canine and human companionship, lots of love and slow and steady introductions to new things. We'll be posting more details and information about Pete when we're ready to make him available and he tells us what kind of home he's looking for! Truth be told Pippi is the size of a Beagle, the shape of a Corgi, has the hair coat of a Harbor Seal and the face of a lab mixed with a little something else! We are beyond impressed with his quick learning skills. It has all come together to bring him to a better state of being. His ideal human will be active and knowledgeable on how to provide calm and gentle leadership, while keeping him mentally stimulated and physically exercised. Areas where dogs are on leash, activities where she can be present with her human. Smokie is an absolute joy to take hiking and he is at his best when he's out on the trails, sniffing around and investigating his surroundings! She tends to loosen them up and get them to feel more comfortable about the world. Her genetics drive her to observe, work, scan, do, hunt, and learn. A walk in the neighborhood and a big back yard are not enough to keep her happy and healthy mentally or physically. She will know in minutes if you can speak her language (and so will we). The hospital saved the dog, performed the surgery, amputated the leg, and days later he was transferred to CRCS.

He's in great shape and has absolutely perfect energy in all the appropriate places (we aren't biased... Cliff would love to accompany you on long walks and adventures but is also perfectly content to chill next to you on the couch and help you watch your favorite show. So if you're not so comfy around little people either... Though he has lived with children, the social, busy lifestyle that comes with having children would not be his ideal. She is a Husky and we all know where their amazing athletic ability and free spirits can take them! This is a personality that you really need to meet in person. Milo's ideal home will be looking for a companion and partner, someone to share time with and include him on activities. He's always game for some walk time, but he can also snuggle on the couch and help you watch your favorite show. Milo's exposure to children is limited so a home that is quiet and open to doing slow introductions to kids is best. She is at her happiest when she can take walks in spacious neighborhoods or explore off leash in open and nature filled places. Despite it all, he's moving forward and we feel confident that in the right home, those will slowly fade. Remus is a stunning dog and everything you would expect in a German Shepherd. She came through surgery with flying colors and rehabbed like a champ!

She's all in for more of an easy going outing vs miles of exercise. Sprinter's challenge is learning to trust new and different people.

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Adverse training methods will break and confuse this beautiful soul. When Baloo has graduated, we'll be making him available for adoption and posting more information about him. Here at the center we are slowly introducing him to new doggie friends, new people and new activities. Beckett prefers young female dogs however we'd like to place him as an only dog. Buddy and Lexi have the ability to adapt to a variety of different environments. Scarlet was also a victim of a hoarding situation, living in a crate inside an RV garage for 3 years with 26 other screaming dogs surrounding her.

She will absolutely thrive when her person has taken the time to build a bond based on trust, respect, proper guidance. Baloo is not available for adoption while he is going through the program but we're happy to share what he's up to! During his lifetime, he has lacked life experience and stability. He is at his happiest when he's out exploring, stimulated and exercised right alongside his person. He has so much love to give and he's looking for a spacious place to settle down and get back into life. These two are in excellent shape and love to get out for walks as well as enjoy playgroups here at the center. Slowly but surely, she is making big strides in her recovery. She had a shattered hip and no one knew it for 10 days. She also survived an owner that thought caring for a dog meant tying them to a tree, isolated for years.

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