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“Many find it time-consuming, one-dimensional, and complain they rarely get matches; or that when they do, it seldom amounts to an actual date, hookup or relationship.” Despite the fact apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr see average hits numbering in the millions, marriage rates globally are at an all-time low. SEE ALSO: South Korean army using dating apps to out gay troops – watchdog The Age of the App has given rise to a transformational effect on our dating culture – many people are looking at the game as a matter of time.

In a previous conversation, Singaporean dating app Paktor said their service dramatically shortened the time it usually took to find a date, making it exceptionally good for the modern individual, while also expanding your field of options.

Paktor vice-president of marketing Darryl Liew said: “It shortens the process.

You are actually able to get to know people you would not have encountered in daily life.

Events, carnivals and concerts One of the best things about living in this city is that you can always count on there being an event, be it cultural or musical, during the weekends.

These events usually are filled with a variety of activities that will cater for different interests, making it perfect for bonding with the loved one.

Is there some correlation between socio-economic status and the potential for deep romantic connection?

What about Malaysia’s cultures that make men more digitally aggressive in the love game than Singaporean and Taiwanese men?

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Believe it or not, there are still many Muslims who adhere to arranged marriages at this time and age.We are living in a time where the world is small enough to be reached from one end to another but still big enough for secrets to be hidden.It is difficult to trust someone you’ve only met a few times before getting married.Ina and Masri, Shatirah and Salleh as well as Anisa and Akhdiyat were some friends of mine who met in a religiously-oriented local university.They dated for more than 5 years before getting hitched after graduation and a stable career.

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