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She stayed home because she didn’t want to leave when he got a new job. Unfortunately, she passed away, and we found each other pretty soon — six months — after her passing. His daughters didn’t like it and couldn’t even be happy for their dad.

They do not like that we are happy and that we do things and travel and have fun together. I have been nothing but loving, caring, and supportive.

I really need to lean on my fiancé right now – just as he leaned on me. You require more support than you used to; you're allowed to explain what that means for the relationship.

Tell him exactly how much time you need from him, and then schedule those appointments.

Well, I kinda do; I don’t think that’s right and I feel like that’s disrespectful.

Again, I totally understand the whole keeping things good between her and her ex, but I think their hanging out alone after her daughter goes to bed as well as a day at Disneyland as a family is all a little too much.

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All I wanted was to try one particular restaurant and to share a kiss on New Year's Eve. (They all know English very well but did not consider including me.) My real problem is what's happening right now. I want more support from him, but am I being too needy? It sounds like you need to explain your needs, and to negotiate a plan ahead of time – before your boyfriend fails to meet your expectations.

A few years ago, one of his parents was rushed to the hospital with an illness.

I dropped everything and went to be with them, and they were all so grateful.

Hi there, My fiancé and I have been together for four years. I just feel like his family members are more important to him than I am.

He is very close to his family, and I often spend tons of time with them, doing what they like.

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