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Using Potassium Permanganate, which is an oxidizer in both a control tank (left tank) and one utilizing an AAP Compact UV with a HO UVC Lamp (right tank).

As Potassium Permanganate is reduced, it goes from red to brown to clear.

UVC is better at breaking molecular bonds as well as rearranging electron configurations, this is how UVC sterilizes, and why Dwell Time is important.

The longer the substance is exposed to UVC light, the greater the chance that all molecular bonds will have been hit by several high energy photons, causing the molecular bond, from simple weak chemical bonds to stronger ones in simple celled DNA material to be broken, rendering the pathogen/organism inert or dead.

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Since photons are subatomic particles with mass, they can disturb chemical bonds, from bumping an electron off a molecule (Visible) to breaking apart molecular bonds (UVC), to modifying the makeup of each atom directly (Gamma Rays).

A Little Background: I started using UV Sterilizers in 1977 (I have been in the hobby since 1968), and started experimenting with these devices in 1978.

This includes designing my own to experiment with theories to explain certain results.

All photons have a "Chance" to do any of the above, but the higher energy events are far more likely to happen with a high energy/high frequency photon interaction over a longer wavelength/visible spectrum photon.

UVA and UVB that can reach the Earths surface are primarily non-ionizing and do not have enough energy to ionize atoms.

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