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Encounters in the UK Thoughts from Brazil Insights from China Conversations in Spain Tales from America Lessons from Romania Stories from Morocco These seven short films from the English Learning English Video Project show people learning English around the world. In modern day Britain, prejudice and discrimination affect the lives of two individuals.

Michael struggles to live amongst a multicultural society, whilst Aryan suffers from racism.

Classes cover English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, IELTS, TOEFL, and more.

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Hopefully, you’re not Learn English Phrasal Verbs with BRING: bring on, bring about, bring forward…This leads to a shocking confrontation with a dangerous and uncertain ending.By Marcus Essberger and Samuel Calverley, with subtitles and classroom materials.If you speak Portuguese and are learning English, you have to watch out for these "false friends"—English words that sound like Portuguese ones, but mean different things! Presenting the thrilling conclusion to @Alex Eng Vid's saga of Different Words That Sound the Same: Advanced English Homophones! Iyly Gw0 #Eng Tips #Articles Use THE when talking about mountain ranges, but no article when talking about one mountain.Watch Ronnie's new video:… Discover the difference between "air/heir", "bread/bred", and more:… The Rockies The Appalachians The Alps Mount Everest Mount St.

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