Updating php on mac os x

Got everything put back together and pressed the power button.

Got what I was hoping for, a startup chime and the display showed a folder with a question mark in it.

The early Intel-based i Macs also had a socketed CPU and there are a couple C2D CPU upgrade reports here on those.) This page has pre-2009 model Mac Mini owner comments on Core 2 Duo (and some Core Duo) CPU upgrades as the (2006-2008 mfg) Intel-CPU Mac Mini has a CPU socket on the logic board (as did early Intel-based i Macs).

Some reports include notes on updating mac mini 1,1 efi firmware/bootrom to mini 2,1 version for 3GB RAM support vs 2GB w/mini 1,1 - Guide to Flashing Mini 1,1 to 2,1 at [ If anyone knows of another mirror of the Firmware DL, let me know.] There were several news page posts earlier in 2006 on Core Duo CPU swaps (before the Core 2 Duo), although they are not listed here, except for the one that included a step-by-step guide on Mini CPU swaps from early May 2006 (see (2006) Mac Mini Intel CPU Upgrade Guide) and later posted ifixit guide).

The pins released easily (Unlike my 1.66 Core Duo).

I had a broken macbook with 2GB of memory laying around and installed it in this mini.

I had the external drive partitioned into 3 partitions.

This partition was then used to create a disk image that would then be cloned onto the mini's hard drive without the platformsupport.plist or any user accounts.

When it came time to install (copy) 10.7.4 to my upgraded 2.16 Ghz Core mini, I created a new partition to clone the 10.7.4 disk image onto.

My original install of 10.6.8 is intact and can be booted into anytime for emergency if the 10.7.4 install ever stops working.

5/15/2013 report has notes on ML/OS X 10.8.3) (from 12/13/2013 mail) 2006 Mini Core2Duo CPU upgrade report I upgraded the CPU, RAM, HDD and the optical drive in a 2006 Mac Mini (originally 1.66GHz Core Solo) I bought to be used with a TV as a multimedia and web browsing machine. I would recommend that people get all the parts together before opening up the Mini.

The nylon screws that are available are definitely worth the - you might be able to get away with not replacing the clips, but is it worth it for ?

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