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The passion and creativity that runs deep within the Healthcare Learning Innovations team existed long before the organization was born.A subset of our current team started out as members of American Sentinel University (our parent organization) which is an online nursing school focused solely on healthcare education. Richard Oliver, American Sentinel’s CEO, encourages adoption of new technologies.At this point, we formed Healthcare Learning Innovations to further develop and distribute Sentinel City® and other novel immersive learning solutions that enhance the nursing education experience.

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These features are incorporated into the design so that the garments still look fashionable, and make dressing easier for people with disabilities or their caretakers.For nursing students, it is a challenge to find time to complete the survey between work hours and the demands of life outside of work.Another concern is safety, as students move about the community actively making observations and taking notes.Besides providing adaptive clothing, Tommy Hilfiger has also created an opportunity to feature models with disabilities, a sorely underrepresented demographic in the fashion industry.Their website shows adults and kids with prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs.

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