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Make sure that the water added slowly during the first 2 minutes is pre-mixed with salt prior to use for freshwater fish or pre-adjusted for p H for marine fish.can destroy your nitrifying bio filter bed or cause other water quality issues.You can break off a piece of Wonder Shell for this bath, then leaving this piece in the bath for the duration of the bath to add these mineral ions.Iodine Baths are excellent for some potential parasites of corals such as flatworms.

While this is not essential, this can make the bath process easier as everything is ready to go when you may be in a hurry. You could probably premix the MB also (not sure) but would not mix Potassium Permanganate since it reacts with tank water (I think it removes dissolved organic compounds in the tank water).This salt should be pre-dissolved prior to introduction of fish to prevent burning of gills.Since I have to give twice daily baths, I leave the fish in a small breeder net (about 6 x6 x4 ) overnight after the evening bath which I do just before I shut the tank light out and go to bed.or approximately ¼ cup of fine salt per gallon) which is basically a saltwater dip.CORAL, ANEMONE DIP OR BATH Often a dip of anemones or coral (such as Acropora corals) is necessary to remove bacterial, parasites, planarian, etc.

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