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"When I first started dating online, I thought it was polite to reply to every email I received just to say 'Thanks, but no thanks," says Tim."But even saying 'no thanks' sometimes opened the door to having an awkward email exchange that was a complete waste of my time." For most people who are dating online, an unreturned email alone speaks volumes, and no clarification is necessary.

If you're Christian and it's important to you to meet another Christian, search by that word; if you spend every possible free moment at art galleries, plug in words like "art" and "museum" when searching.

C.-area women who were at least 5'6" and over age 35, with no upper age limit.

Under "interests" and other descriptors of his perfect woman, he checked "Any." Not surprisingly, Louis was flooded with many, many responses. Figure out exactly what you're looking for rather than taking all comers.

The experts suggest separating those who make it through your screening process into two categories—a "hot" box and a "wait and see" box.

Those in the "hot" box are the ones you want to respond to first.

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