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Making money and being young, I of course began heading into town (Dublin) on the weekends for some very There I was - checking into a hotel in Kansas City.I was there to attend a week long seminar for my office.A s[GAY] By fireysx [A visit to a glory hole resulted in my face covered in cum.] I wanted to take a moment to share my recent experience where I was able to experience a very erotic and arousing situation earlier this week. I wasn't wearing anything to revealing, just standard golf attire, but I could tell that we was trying to visualize me underneath my clothe[BISEXUAL] By fun4all6969 [Man is used by two men & a woman.] I am a mid 30's fairly attractive male who has always been Bi-Curious. W[BISEXUAL/Gay] By jbrig [A married man goes to a rest stop and is forced to suck.] Author's Note: This story is graphic!While I often do not write of my experiences, this experience was so thri I met Rob at a bar one day after finishing my round of golf. I prefer women but have always wanted to suck a cock. I was surprised, I had already received a message from "M T" at am. When you read[GAY/Domination & Submission] By plyasian [Alex's first trip to a gloryhole.] BEEP! If gay sex, public sex or forced sexual situations offend you please do not read this story. ***** I am a happy married ma[BISEXUAL/Gay] By jbrig [First glory hole cock helps sucker get over his homophobia.] Author's Note: This story is graphic!First thing was that my wife denied my sexual advances. [BISEXUAL] By Apple_of_Eden [Straight man learns he loves being a submissive cocksucker.] 'I'm not gay.

It was one week later and Joe met me at work again. I suppose I was bi-curious, mostly straight but with a definite curious streak as to what it would be like to have a cock in my hand, or in my mouth I met him on one of those gay phone sex lines.I kept trying to tell him that she wouldn't go My Third Bi experience! I headed home after work without my back stabbing friend. I was so excited already that my erect cock was streaming pre-come all over my flat stomac[GAY] By thebikinilover [A private (after store hours) suit fitting turns into wearing something incredibly hot.] I had a wedding of a friend to attend and needed a new suit for the occasion.I figured if I could get there before him, I could work on mistress, and maybe she would torture him this night. Now all I had to do is tell he My Forth Bi experience; The Next Morning I woke up to the sounds of two cats fighting in the yard. This was Thursday afternoon and the wedding was tomorrow!I've had fantasies about other men, but like most guys, I never acted on them.As I woke up this morning a tingle ran up my spine.

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