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Many find that right before bed is a nice close to the day and allows bonding between you and the child each night.

Explain that at any time throughout the day, your child can choose to put a face on the chart describing how he/she feels.

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One of the earlier studies on the role of stress in MS diagnoses was published in the journal in 1970.Brenna has been blogging and writing articles on implementing Play Therapy in Parenting since 2006.Brenna finished her Ph D from the University of South Florida in 2015, and re-opened her private practice in early 2016, seeing children from 3-14 and conducting parent training classes online and in-person.Allow the child to decorate the chart as they wish- it is their feeling chart!After the chart is completed, hang it in the child’s room and decide when you are going to review your child’s chart with him/her.

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