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Every guy has some interest that is a little geeky.

When Josh Gravens was 12 years old, he made a terrible mistake.

She wanted to ensure that, even if Josh’s intentions were only curious, he learned appropriate behavior right away.

She called a Christian counseling center near their home in Abilene and described what happened.

They also wanted to see his blue card, an ID card registered offenders are required to carry at all times. “You could,” he says, “if you weren’t used to it.” Not only does Texas list juveniles, but it has no lower limit on the age of registerable children. Twelve is too young to have a Facebook account, but with a quick search I can find this boy’s home address in a small town in Central Texas.

He has brown hair and blue eyes, is 5 feet 2 inches and 102 pounds.

His photograph shows flushed cheeks and a worried brow.

No school is listed, perhaps because he is prohibited from attending school, as many sex offenders are.

Unfortunately it is free and there is absolutely no screening done from the site itself, which helps explain how some guys would think these pictures are going to make a woman sigh and run into their arms... He and his sister, who was 8, had sexual contact, twice.“Like, where my body part touched her body part,” he says. Obviously, it couldn’t have been what they call consensual, but it was playing.” Josh’s sister told their mother, who was alarmed.Because of what he did when he was 12, Josh is a registered sex offender. Unlike some states, Texas lists juveniles, and adults who committed their crimes as juveniles, on its public sex offender registry, a searchable website run by the Texas Department of Public Safety.The registry lists each offender’s name, birth date, current home address, current employer and work address, and any school being attended or occupational license held.

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