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The building has round headed windows on each side, a piilared verandah on the south side, with the entrance in the middle.It is an elegant but unpretentious building sufficient to hold 200 seats.In October 2006 the Wolvendaal Foundation, with the financial assistance (Rs.6.5M) from the Dutch Government appointed Poly-Chem Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo to undertake the restoration of the church.It is one of the oldest Protestant churches still in use in the country. During subsequent repairs and improvements this date has been obliterated and another date, that of 1767 was etched above the entrance.This date however refers to the reconstruction of the church by the Dutch following the Matara Rebellion.

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The first Canadian Christian Reformed congregation was organized at Nyverdall, Alberta, in 1905; another was begun in Winnipeg in 1908. This increased in 1949 when new emigration policies were announced, including subsidies to people "deemed as economic surplus." Dutch immigration to North America had slowed significantly by the early-1960s, as shown in Figure 1.

The renovation works were completed within 2 years, the works included restoring the roof, repairing and painting the walls, equalising the floor and re-installing the historic Dutch tombstones into their original position.

This paper was originally written in 1994 for Canadian Church History at Calvin Theological Seminary.

The Dutch Reformed Church is located within the Matara fort in Matara and is situated near the entrance to the fort.

The church was built by the Dutch in 1706 and is a smaller version of the church in Galle fort.

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