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After a successful download of the driver, the tool will provide you an option to install it.If your system is not running Microsoft Windows or you are looking for an earlier driver or the latest beta driver, you can manually search for it on the AMD Driver Download page.It is the recommended method for installing or updating the graphics driver.The tool is designed to provide only the latest official AMD Catalyst™ graphics driver.You must specify the operating system and version in order to search for a matching driver.

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For instructions on how to uninstall an existing AMD Catalyst™ graphics driver on a Windows based system, follow this guide: How-To Uninstall AMD Catalyst™ Drivers From A Windows® Based System.

First let's understand the different types of AMD graphics products in its lineup.

Choose your graphics product and the system it's used in from the list below: The next selections on the menu are the graphics family and model.

Reinstalling an existing driver: To troubleshoot driver related issues by reinstalling the existing driver, it is recommended to uninstall the problematic driver first.

However, before beginning the uninstall process it is recommended to ensure that Windows is up to date.

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