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And that point is that your beloved fictional "hero" is so grossly abusive that even the bot version hasn't been programmed to recognise the word "no." When you exit the chat (I clicked "no, thanks" and internally praised the good grammar on that button, as well as it providing the way out of this Hell), Christian tells you he's sorry that you're leaving.

You're then treated to a trailer for Fifty Shades Darker and a link to buy tickets pops up. I'm not even above thinking that maybe EL James herself has approved this crap, because God knows, she's approved everything else. But for me, as soon as I started asking questions about him stopping if I said no, or whether he'd ever hurt me in anger and there was no in-built reply for those things, I was out.

" Instead, I settled for: "No, but I've heard lots about you." Whilst internally screaming: "AND NONE OF IT IS GOOD." Quite frankly, I was insulted. I mean, aside from an inability to correctly name her genitals most of the time and a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome?! Notice how, despite the fact that this is literally a computer with pre-loaded phrases set to be churned out as and when they're required, I felt the need to ask if he was okay with me messaging him.

That's because consent is hard-wired into my circuitry.

The 47-year-old Milwaukie man and 46-year-old Portland woman fled when deputies arrived, but were tracked down by a police dog.

The pair explained that they met on Craigslist while seeking this type of sexual encounter.

I'm going to level with you: by this point, I was just desperate for this to be over.

I wanted to get to a point where I could say no to something he wanted to actually do to me, just to see if he took that as an answer. It's not a real person, who would actually answer questions you ask (or so you'd hope).

We are centrally located in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta.Then I asked myself what I would actually do in real life, had I the chance to meet Christian Grey and the answer became obvious. So, I replied truthfully: Christian broke character enormously at this point, because if it was a perfect representation of EL James' abomination, he'd have threatened to beat the sarcasm out of me. I mean, if you're using this to get yourself off, knock yourself out, if that's what you need. But when a bot links to your profile picture and tells you you're pretty, it feels slightly invasive and also kind of sad. But my "mission" was never to decide whether or not it's a little sad to be excited that a non-existent billionaire thinks your profile picture is hot.Instead, he just decided the time was right to ask me personal sex-related questions. It was to see how accurate the Grey chatbot actually is.I am not okay with anyone creating a bot that doesn't recognise the word "no" at all, but I am especially not okay with anyone creating a bot based on a blatantly abusive character and (seemingly) deliberately programming it to point-blank ignore the word.Private Label Extensions is an Atlanta based wholesale hair extension supplier that distributes hair extensions nationwide for salon owners, stylists and hair extension brands.

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