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According to a VOA report, the University of Nairobi warned its students last week that Al Shabaab was planning attacks on a “major university.”Kampalans received similar warnings before the public prosecutor in the trial of suspects in the 2010 Al Shabaab World Cup bombings in Uganda was shot dead last week. The attack comes one day after the one-year anniversary of the assassination by Kenya death squads of Sheikh Shariff Makaburi in Mombasa. Security forces responded to the Westgate attack by unleashing their own fury at Kenya’s Muslim communities.Retaliation has taken the form of raids on mosques, mass arrests, crippling curfews and targeted assassinations like that of Makaburi’s predecessor Aboud Rogo and dozens more.The noise came from the direction of nearby Garissa University College.There, gunmen had forced their way into the campus, shooting guards standing sentry at the main entrance and opening fire indiscriminately.If security forces, foreign and domestic, have the final say, pulling Kenya’s troops out of Somalia is not an option.“The best place to stop Al Shabaab is on our border,” says Andrew Franklin, former U. S., and most recently Saudi Arabia (in sealing itself off from Yemen) have tried. But the sentiments we share with the Kenyans are that Al Shabaab should not be killing innocent Garissa residents. When an old trick is repeated umpteenth time and still works, then you know it is not the trickster that’s stupid, but the one being tricked.Of course you are aware of the many methods being used by MPESA con artists to get a share of your hard earned cash.

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Around Thursday morning, when Hassan Osman, a 35-year-old newlywed and an employee with Kenya’s Ministry of Health in Garissa, was in the mosque praying, he heard the sharp report of rapid gunfire rip through the still morning air.

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I called my colleague and asked, “You are the one who has sent me the text? ” “Yes I told him, but I haven’t given him your number”. About a week ago, I received a similar message and thought to myself, “this trick must be working big time”.

Jobs in OLX, Brighter Monday, Daily Nation Classifieds, N-Sonko and other places must be read through twice and approached very carefully.

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