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I purchased the car and had to bring it back to service department 3 times about a noise under the hood. I am stuck with a car payment (owe 11,000.00), ,000 in order to get new motor and no car.

I have tied to talk to my sales associate, the used car manager and the General Manager won’t even return my calls or come out and talk to me.

BUT COLOR STARTING COMING OFF FROM TAIL GATE , I REPORTED TO LEXUS CORP OFFICE AND THEY DECLINE TO FIX IT, THEY TOLD ME GO BACK TO LEXUS OF PALM BEACH BUT I TRY TO CONTACT FEW PEOPLE BUT SO FAR NO ONE BOTHER TO CONTACT ME I REPORTED THESE THINGS ON OCT, 31ST 2017 AND TODAY IS DEC 04, 2017. NOW I M DOWN TO 5K LOSS Reply I will never buy anything from Auto Nation ever again, the way they do business is horrible and unorganized I had bought a from Auto Nation in Katy, Texas the salesman Nicolas Dallas continue to text me weeks after I said no and stop running the credit app after all that he promised me a price that was pretty good, told him I will come in and close out please have everything ready and I show up and nothing was ready at all, I spent a total of at least 5 hours there sitting trying to buy the truck then having them misplace papers that were already sent or handled a week prior, and then on top of that changing the monthly price, when before coming in he told me I made it clear is this the price if not I’m not wasteing my time he replies yes yes, show up wasted hours to finally still pay over what he had promised, then I get the truck and had it for a couple weeks and each week they called asking for soemthing new copy of a pay stub that was already provided but they lost, in my mind if you agreed on price you sign the paper work and walk out he door the deal is done but no!

They lost the papers and the bank canceled the application, and they told me on the 30th of November that the bank wants the truck back I said okay I show up and of course nothing was organized Nicolas, continued to ignore me and cut me off while I was talking to him to go after another customer I got so fed up after sitting there for another 2-3 hours with no help I said here is your truck give me my car I traded in and my down payment I’m done here, they said okay I get the keys and they said well you owe us over 00 because we changed the tires we pulled it dents we did this and bat had to get it certified as a used car and paid the fees i went to the car and they did nothing!

Same tires no dents they looked it over and it reduced to 0 and change they were trying to hard to not give me my money back, and now I’m still waiting for my license plate and registration sticker to my old car and had to pay for the car note on that since it was past due cause of the fact that i got the truck few days prior to the car note being due, and I called the corporate office number couple days ago and left a message and have yet to receive any kind of answer I will never ever walk into a Auto Nation dealership again.

He did not have the decency to even come out and say a word.

The vehicle was located at another lot in Columbus, Georgia.

My sales Associate got the car from the lot on 04/24/2017 and sold it to me on 04/28/2017.

Which is against the law my money should be returned to me but was told I had the car for an extended amount of time and that is the reason.

Which was not my fault that the dealership did not contact me to return it.

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