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In the last 3 days i have got him to do poo on it too while before he would go poo anywhere, I know he needs a poo today as he never had any poo yesterday so i hoping he can continue the good work, lol He does use the toilet upstairs as i didnt think there was any point getting another potty for upstairs.He is happy using the toilet and enjoys flushing and washing hands, He does have a accidents, last week there were a day or 2 when he just wee'd everywhere!It’s also provided with a wide operating temperature range to fulfill the requirements of harsh environments.ok, Been potty training my 28month lo inside only, without nappy and without trousers , he will go sit on the potty when he wants.Hello, I had a late term abortion last month after having a positive diagnosis for t21.

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I never minded letting him wee by a tree in the park and in an emergency I had to let him wee in a corner of the bus stop once.Advantech offers the Web OP-3070T with Cortex™-A8 processor which consumes minimum power without sacrificing performance.The Web OP-3070T supports a variety of LCD sizes from 4.3” to 15” for different applications involving the use of PLCs, motion/thermal controllers, inverters and sensors.It was a long time before I stopped carrying wipes, tissues and spare pants though.If you are worried about going on the bus you could always take a plastic carrier bag along for him to sit on.

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